Talenovia is a Business hub currently being setup in Kampala, Uganda to create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive. It is designed to offer a wide range of business facilities and support services including, Incubation, Acceleration, Shared Office Spaces, Shared services and funding for business entities to startup, grow, scale and thrive. Talenovia seeks to incubate at least 1000 business entities and entreprenuers annually. Join now and get the chance to be among the first entreprenuers to benefit. Find more information below.

Our Mission:

To craft enabling environments that foster purposeful innovation.

Our passion is for creating impact

We plan to empower diverse ventures, with:


Providing a nurturing environment for startups to develop their ideas into viable businesses through resources, mentorship and support.


Intensive programs designed to rapidly grow and scale startups by providing access to specialized resources, competences and networking opportunities.


Pairing startups with experienced professionals who provide guidance, advice, and support based on their own entrepreneurial journey.

Shared Office Spaces

Providing flexible and collaborative workspaces for startups to foster creativity, innovation, and networking opportunities

Shared Services

Providing access to shared resources and infrastructure such as IT support, legal services, marketing, and more enabling startups to grow and scale.


Empowering startups with financial backing and other resources.

Our Wealth of Resources

Our extensive range of services shall help all business entities navigate the following steps. Quite simply we help businesses startup, grow and scale.

Startup Launch Pad

Equipping SMEs with foundational support including building competence and gaining access to initial funding to kickstart their ventures effectively.

Growth Accelerator

Empowering businesses with tailored growth strategies, comprehensive competencies, marketing initiatives, and additional funding avenues to propel their expansion and market penetration.

Scale up Navigator

Providing advanced scalability solutions such as process optimization, technology integration, strategic partnerships, and access to resources, enabling business entities to scale their operations efficiently and sustainably.

“We are experiencing the first labor pains of the fourth industrial revolution. Humanity needs Entreprenuers now more than ever.

Kayanja Nicholas


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